5 Things Psychiatrists Want Their Patients To Know

All across the world, mental issues come bundled with a nasty stigma, which leads to people unable to seek the help they require. The situation has evolved into such a bad one that even the patients think that they will not benefit from any help or treatment. The lack of discussion on such issues has led to a lack of awareness which results in them unable to recognize the symptoms.
If the situation worsens, many cases have ended in suicides. Every sydney psychiatrist is trying their best to alleviate the situation but there is only so much they can do. It then falls upon everyone to create awareness and make it conducive environment for mental illness patients to come forward and get the help they require. Here are the top things psychiatrists want you to know.

Mental Illness is a Real Issue

Mental illness is just as real as any other disease, but understanding any such, illness is not really a flaw or a weakness, which should keep you from seeking help. Some of the most common forms of mental illnesses include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, panic and anxiety disorders along with substance abuse amongst many others. You may end up with such a problem on your own or you could have an illness passed down to you through your family. In short, it is not your fault and you should seek help.

Everyone is Unique

It is highly unlikely even for five people to be going through the same issue at the same time. Even people diagnosed with the same issues are likely to be experiencing the issue in a different way. All the symptoms they experience can vary in severity and intensity. Each patient will be experiencing their disorder differently due to their unique personality and nature.

Learn About The Symptoms

Many times people do not recognize the symptoms for a mental disorder, which leads to them getting to know about the issue quite later. If you are unusually feeling antisocial or chronic fatigue, it may be time for you to contact your psychiatrist. A constant feeling of burnout or uselessness could also point towards major mental issues if not treated properly.

You Are Not Alone

You might have heard about this time and again but you should know that your friends and family are there to support you. You are not fighting this disorder alone; you can reach out to a friend and talk about it. Many people go through their lives in fear of the stigma associated with it.


You do not have any control over what anyone else does, but you have full control over your life. Even if you do not personally know someone who is going through a mental issue, but you can be open about it and reduce the stigma to help create awareness.