How to buy a theatre bed

There is a whole variety of operation theatre beds available in the market today. However you should be on the lookout for high-quality products which would help support the efficiency and success of your medical facility.

When you are buying a theatre bed you should consider its clinical effectiveness, the safety of the patient and enhance productivity of the caregivers. When buying surgical equipment you should consider that it should help in reducing errors and improving patient outcomes.

When it comes to buying theatre beds there is no one size fits all option in the market. Rather you should ensure that you ask yourself a number of questions before buying an operating room surgical bed.

Tips for buying a medical theatre bed

Every medical facility should consider that any product that the buy should be designed for patient safety.

  • The main thing that you should consider is what procedures would be performed on the theatre bed. If yours is a medical facility which specializes in certain kind of procedures it would be best to choose general surgery table in order to support a range of patient postures.
  • Good quality theatre bed also comes with features that support fluoroscopy and other such procedures. The Bed should be versatile enough to be used for a number of different procedures without compromising the safety of the patient and the ease of the medical practitioner.
  • If yours is facility which specifically treats bariatric patients you would require a theatre bed which has a high weight capacity and a greater width so as to consider complete comfort of the patient and the practitioner as well.
  • Other important kind of surgical beds include neurology tables which are considered to be the most advanced kind of surgical beds available in the market. These kind of theatre beds require that patients to be placed in specific positions for the surgical procedure. This kind of theatre beds come with a foot control, tabletop light function as well as manual controls required for the head section and the back section.
  • Orthopedic theatre beds come with specific features which allow it to be used along with advanced imaging equipment which are required for such procedures.
  • Neurology and cytology table pads. These provide patients with comfort and the practitioner’s with the c arm access which allows the patient to be easily accessible for the surgeon and the nurses.
  • There are theatre beds which are designed for accommodation of precise positions in which the patients are placed to offer specific imaging methods and for non invasive procedures as well.

It is important to buy a high quality theatre bed but care must be taken that it should have all the specific features required by the medical unit. Usually a good quality surgical bed can cost three times more than the usual surgery beds which are available in the market.

However if budget is an issue it is still important to go for the basic features which are important for your own medical facility. You should make an informed decision when buying medical and hospital stretcher for your hospital unit.