Increased Comfort provided by Bariatric Patient Bed

The early recovery in extreme comfort becomes possible with the right combination of high-quality support-constructive mattresses, right linens, and a good bariatric patient bed.

The prevention and treatment of obesity have become the focus of various medical practices today. This includes the issue of providing the best medical attention and care to morbidly obese patients. The unpreparedness of many healthcare facilities to provide comfort and care to obese patients has become apparent as they continue to receive increasing numbers of the disorder.

One of the adaptive types of equipment to meet the specific needs of overweight patients is the creation and design of the bariatric patient bed. The patient’s comfort is addressed with the larger design of the bed. Also, the healthcare personnel is helped by the bed as they treat and move patients.

These top-of-the-line features incorporated in a bariatric patient bed has greatly reduced the possibility of injury and infection while patients are recovering from the bariatric procedure.

How Bariatric Patient Bed helps

Comfort and dignity while being moved and treated are provided by bariatric patient beds to recovering overweight patients. The additional advantages provided by bariatric beds to patients include:

Top-of-the-line features

The top-of-the-line features designed and created in bariatric beds make movement easier for both the caregiver and the patient. Some of the updated bariatric bed designs feature removable sidebars and electronic controls. Some feature customised mattresses with inflatable air cushions. Inflating or deflating the inflatable air cushions enables easy shifting of positions by patients even without the help from a caregiver.

Great linens in line with a great bed

Pairing high-quality bed linens with a bariatric bed ensure a quick and comfortable recovery for patients. Top-quality bed linens provide the following qualities, to include:

  • Lightweight hypoallergenic fabrics that are designed to prevent adverse reactions or allergies to recovering patients
  • Thermal conductivity that aids the skin’s rate of heat. The removal of heat from the skin of the patient without the surface absorbing too much heat keep the patient cool and comfortable
  • Bariatric patients feel more comfortable and dry with moisture-control fabrics. Absorbing the moisture away from the patients prevents them from feeling clammy.
  • Bacteria tend to develop and grow in fresh wounds. The use of antimicrobial fabric protection halts the development of bacteria-causing skin infections.

Greater comfort and quick recovery are achieved when the patient feels dry, cool, and free from infection and adverse reactions.

Load capacity

Regular-sized beds are unable to meet the needs and care demands of bariatric patients. The weight capacity designs of bariatric beds can accommodate weights from 600 to 1,000 pounds. Using a bariatric bed with a wider width, height, and weight design makes perfect sense to heavier patients that need to recover safely and comfortably.

Normal-sized or too-small beds will likely cause skin infections such as bed sores to overweight patients. Being uncomfortable in their movements can halt or slow the recovery of overweight patients from any health condition.

The challenge hospitals and other healthcare facilities face is the load strength of their equipment, especially when it comes to beds. A normal-sized bed will only cause a host of problems with heavier patients. Investing in bariatric patient beds is now a must for health institutions with the rise of obesity.