What Kind of Health Issues Can Occupational Therapists Deal With on the Gold Coast?

Occupational therapy is usually valuable for any patient who needs a health care plan, especially after they receive a diagnosis that causes some limitations. If you have received such a diagnosis, an occupational therapist will help you navigate your everyday tasks, enhancing your mental and physical abilities. If you want to learn about what occupational therapists do and the conditions they can help one deal with, read this article to the end.

What Do Occupational Therapists on the Gold Coast Do?

Occupational therapists are the professionals that offer occupational help and support to patients. These professionals are in charge of assessing patients during their consultation and creating a program based on the issues they are struggling with. They also help people do the things that they want, need or love doing as part of their lives. In case their patients struggle with any of their daily activities and require assistance, occupational therapists will help them. They can also provide them with assistive devices to help them perform different activities fully. Additionally, occupational therapists have the following responsibilities;

Health Conditions Occupational Therapists Can Deal With on the Gold Coast

While occupational therapists on the Gold Coast do not cure injuries, disabilities or diseases,  they can help one deal with certain health conditions. Occupational therapists who care for long term health deal with some of these health conditions include:

  • Stroke

Stroke patients usually experience paralysis that ranges in duration of systems and intensity. Therefore, they will experience memory loss, balance and speech issues. They also have issues and cannot use certain body parts, especially if they have permanent paralysis. Occupational therapists will help these patients adapt to their new environment, easily navigating their residence without falling. They also help them communicate perfectly, irrespective of their shortcomings.

  • Poor vision

Patients with poor vision can also get help from occupational therapists in different ways. For instance, they can help them by suggesting the best lighting for their homes or work. By using the right lighting, they can see their surroundings. Also, occupational therapists will help patients with poor vision navigate their environments safely and show them how to use other parts of their vision to compensate for their poor vision.

  • Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you must monitor your blood glucose levels to ensure your health. Also, you must adjust your lifestyle to a healthier diet and be less sedentary. Occupational therapists on the Gold Coast will help these patients address any issues that can physically or emotionally prevent them from caring for their condition. They will also suggest the right diet to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Joint replacements                   

Joint replacement can make an individual have a tough time adapting to the changes their bodies are experiencing. However, occupational therapists will help these patients develop the full range of motion, stand for some time, go up and down the stairs, and get in and out of bed. They will also prescribe the equipment these patients will need to navigate their homes more effectively.

  • Chronic pain

Another condition that occupational therapists deal with is chronic pain. When you have chronic pain, seeing an occupational therapist allows you to understand the cause of the pain and how it can impact your daily life. These professionals will also help you know how to control the pain and overcome the pain you are feeling. In addition, they will prescribe proper relaxation techniques that you can use to deal with the pain.